The K-Walk 2015
Hello Fashionistas,
The K-Walk is a unique event organized by Cameroonian fashion designer Anna Ngann (Kreyann) and her K-team, it promotes Cameroonian fashion and culture on an international scale. The well-known fashion designer has shown since the launch of her brand 10 years ago that she could use her talent and determination to take Cameroonian fashion on an international scale despite the challenges she faced all this while. When you look at the outcome and the great success of this event today not only in Cameroon but also overseas, you understand that hard work, passion and determination pay.
The K-Walk is happening today in Yaounde, Cameroon at Hilton Hotel. You can expect lots of glamour, elegance, strasses, beautiful people and lots of fun! Following some pictures of the casting with models,rehearsals, fittings, the first lady of Cameroon Chantal Biya and the K-Team. Enjoy!
Stay tuned for upcoming pics of the catwalk!!

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