✔ Do you have a date, a meeting or need to attend a party but you don’t know what outfit to wear at that event?

✔ Do you wear the same outfits day after day and are tired of the way you look?

✔ You are shopping a lot but never seem to find the right look for yourself?

✔ You find shopping stressful because you barely find clothes that look great on you?

✔ You are scared to dress outside your comfort zone because you don’t want people to think that you are ridiculous?




You need to know that people are judging you by what you wear. They don’t see what’s in your brain, you can be smart or have a nice personality but when people see you for the first time, they look at your style first. So the clothes you wear and your look send a message about yourself and you may not be happy with that message and if not, are you ready to transform yourself and start taking control of your look?


Please note that changing your style doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive clothes to look awesome. You can find great and affordable clothes, shoes and accessories at Zara, H&M for instance. So even if you’re on a budget, you can still find clothing that will make you look stylish and chic. That’s why you need a personal stylist to assist you with your shopping by finding the right looks for you that will save you time and money in the long run. We’ll find clothes that will fit your morphology, style and that will look great on you, then you’ll see what difference your style can make either in your career or personal life.



Whether you work in a corporate office, are a model, musician,  actor, television executive, producer, mother, wife,  get help from your personal stylist Patricia Adegono and send me an email to book an appointment.