Hello Fashionistas!
Can you smell Spring as much as I do? Though it has been raining a bit the last few days, it’s not as cold and chilly as it was before and I love it! I’m usually a cold-blooded person and I just couldn’t wait for Spring and soon Summer. What I like about these seasons is that you can enjoy flowers blooming with beautiful colors, you are in a good mood most of the time, you can wear light clothes unlikely in winter, you can do some outdoor activities, and you feel energized, you see what I mean? With a new season come new trends and styles. So I chose my favorite sandals and pumps for this Spring and Summer. Not the craziest ones some designers are coming up with. I know people don’t have the same taste and style in fashion but come on, don’t you sometimes wonder if people actually wear those shoes in real life except on runways? Anyways, people are free to wear whichever shoes they want but you’ll never see me wearing these shoes here.


I know what is good for me and I would never recommend any shoes to anyone that I wouldn’t wear myself. I just like when shoes are aesthetically appealing, functional and most importantly comfortable. So here are my favorite Spring/Summer heels trends I picked and I hope you like them as well.
Let me know what you think and let’s inspire each other.
Bye for now.

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