Love is in the air can you feel it? Yes I can, not only because it’s February the love month but also because for me love should be celebrate everyday not in a single day. We should learn to love our own selves first, value and accept ourselves for who we are right now not for who we might become,  then love our family and friends. We should also be grateful for being loved because  not everybody feels that way every day, especially those in need, the less privileged.You know the old saying:”love can move mountains” right? Indeed, when we love we can achieve so many things even those things we didn’t think ourselves capable of doing. Please note also that being single is not a bad thing, it’s a life choice, I know many people who are just unable to live alone and who need other people’s attention or approval all the time to assume who they really are and feel the love. So just be happy and enjoy your life as it is.
So today is Valentine’s Day and everyone (well maybe not everyone) is going crazy about valentine’s  gift ideas, what to do today, etc. As I mentioned earlier, whether you’re single or not, I think it’s  nice to have a really special day and treat yourself or your partner.  Who doesn’t enjoy a gift after all? Here is a few last minute Valentine’s gift ideas that I selected for you and as usual I’ve got you covered as I found you some nice shopping deals and I hope you’ll love them!
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And don’t forget to say the magic words “I love you”, “Thank you” and/or “I’m sorry” (if you had a fight lol, of course like it happens in any healthy relationships).


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