Calling all Fashion & Beauty Bloggers in Cape Town!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your week-end so far. With the other fashion bloggers we discussed the fantastic idea of organising a get-together party in our respective cities and countries and starting a website that will enable fashion bloggers to register a profile, share great fashion trends, globally connect and share the same interests with like minded people. I then realised that there are fashion and beauty bloggers in Cape Town but I’ve never really seen or heard of a Meetup club for fashion or beauty bloggers in Cape Town! Incredible right?! Maybe I’m wrong, but in any case I decided to create a group on Meetup.com called Cape Town Fashion & Beauty Bloggers. Most of you certainly know already what Meetup.com is all about. But for those of you who still don’t know, it’s an online platform that allows people all over the world to connect and share the same interests and activities in their own cities. Those activities could be fishing, mountain hiking, swimming, sky diving, camping, dancing, playing guitar, dining and enjoying nice meals, high-tech and computers, and so on.

The first meetup of Cape Town Fashion & Beauty Bloggers has just been scheduled and I’m so excited to meet the other members soon! Please check it out, RSVP your name on the guests list, invite your friends who also love fashion and let’s share a drink and have fun! See you there guys and have a great week-end!

PS: If you have any questions or need more info,just drop me a message here on my blog or on Meetup.



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