9 Trendy Styles To Wear Now
Hola fashionistas,
Over the years, we have seen a lot of unexpected changes in most powerful fashion houses. Brands are rejecting traditional catwalk shows for more creative,dazzling and trendiest ones. But why does fashion change? Simply because people’s needs and styles change over time as well. The new replaces the old. So when people see these new styles, they often want to imitate their favorite stars and so they look for the latest fashions (clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, accessories,etc.) and of course hairstyles!
For many people though keeping up with the trends isn’t that important but for others mainly fashionistas and fashionistos (me included (smiles…)) it is; and if you are reading this blogpost now I believe you love fashion as much as I do. Then these are 9 trendy styles that could inspire your looks and help you make a big fashion statement at fashion week and other fashion related events, at music or movies awards. 

     Stephane Rolland


                                                         Miranda Kerr wearing Balmain

Elie Saab

Pink top: Issey Miyake


J JS Lee

Rachel Zoe

Ankara skirt: Zuvaa

Balmain blazer

Louboutin heels

Kate Spade New-York Frame Leather Clutch

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, don’t hesitate to share, leave a comment and follow me.

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